Warrior Connection – 06.19.16

The June 19th edition of Warrior Connection was a discussion with Alanna Hertzog on our relationship with the earth. Alanna is Administrative Director and a United Nations Non-Governmental Representative for the International Union for Land Value Taxation. She is also Co-Director of Earth Rights Institute and International Liason for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. She is a recipient of the International Earth Day Award from the Earth Society Foundation.

Her book – The Earth Belongs to Everyone – received the Radical Middle Book Award. Chapters include: Democracy, Earth Rights and the Next Economy; Sharing Our Common Heritage; Land for People, Not for Profit; Financing Local to Global Public Goods; Women, Earth and Economic Power; Restructuring Economic Relationships; and Economics of War and Peace.

In 2014 she was the Democratic Party candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 9th District and for the Green Party in 2001. Her E.F. Schumacher Lecture was published as Democracy, Earth Rights and the Next Economy.