The Vinyl Experience – 01.19.18

Download this episode (right click and save) VE 158 Rod Stewart Mandolin Wind Steve Miller Band: Winter Time Avett Brothers: January Wedding The Band: Acadian Driftwood Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash: Girl From The North Country Jayhawks: Blue Joni Mitchell: The Last Time I Saw Richard Mumford & Sons: Winter Winds Fleetwood Mac: Bare Trees     Elvin Bishop Group: Fooled Around And …


The Vinyl Experience – 08.19.16

VE 136  Late Summer Songs   Jefferson Airplane: Coming Back To Me Frank Black: The End Of Summer Flaming Lips: It’s Summertime Chad & Jeremy: A Summer Song Bob Dylan: Floater (To Much To Ask) David Bromberg: New Leigh Highway Blues The Decembersits: Summersong Beach Boys: All Summer Long Style Council: Long Hot Summer Sly & The Family Stone: Hot …


Meria Heller Show – 04.03.16

Meria interviews John Potash on his latest book “Drugs As Weapons Against Us, The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and Other Activists”. The war on drugs is a war on us; Tupac was a serious political activist as was his family; Co-intel-pro took him out; radical black movements targeted, media never covered them properly; Lennon, Hendrix, Cobain into left politics (thus a threat); Drugs used against them; Brian Jones of the Stones murdered; was Michael Jackson targeted? US intel gets them on drugs, then uses them, then kills them; MKUltra; war on dissidents; anti-war movements; all drugged today; Elvis and his handlers; Lennon on Elvis; Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love/MKUltra; Project Monarch; Assassins for the CIA; Alan Freed-scapegoated; Grateful Dead – who were they? Ronald Stark & U.S. Intel; dosing the Beatles and Stones and so much more.


The Vinyl Experience – 11.27.15


Soundgarden: Black Rain

Jimi Hendrix: Mr. Bad Luck

Coldplay: Life In Technicolor II

David Bowie: Velvet Goldmine

Incubus: A Certain Shade Of Green (acoustic)

Led Zeppelin: Poor Tom

Cream: Lawdy Mama

Radiohead: Talk Show Host

Pink Floyd: Embryo

The Who: Water

The Police: Someone To Talk To

Rolling Stones: Worried About You

U2: A Celebration

John Lennon: Nobody Told Me

10 Pluses and Minuses of Being an Aging Baby Boomer By Will Durst

Population scientists describe the Baby Boom generation as anybody born between the years 1946 and 1964. Which means the youngest of the Baby Boomers turned 50 last year, and the oldest will turn 70 next year, which is just so wrong. We Boomers are the architects of the youth culture. We invented young people for crum’s sakes. We’re the Pepsi …

The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution

Tariq Ali is part of the royalty of the left. His more than 20 books on politics and history, his seven novels, his screenplays and plays and his journalism in the Black Dwarf newspaper, the New Left Review and other publications have made him one of the most trenchant critics of corporate capitalism. He hurls rhetorical thunderbolts and searing critiques …