Thomas Frank – Why Hillary Clinton’s 90s nostalgia is so dangerous

Donald Trump’s campaign to “Make America Great Again” is one big, flatulent exercise in delusional nostalgia, as so many have noted. Given the likely outcome of the American presidential contest, however, it is Hillary Clinton’s delusional nostalgia that may ultimately prove more harmful for the country. Campaigning in Kentucky recently, she promised that, should she be elected, she would task former president …


Meditations and Molotovs – 05.02.16

Vince interviews activist and artist Thomas Frank. Thomas lives in Northwest Indiana and has worked with various progressive and environmental organizations throughout Chicagoland and the broader Midwestern Region. They discuss many topics, but their primary focus is on the “Break Free From Fossil Fuels” event that is taking place in Whiting, Indiana on Sunday, May 15th. Break Free is a series of international events that are taking place from May 6th – May 15th.

Thomas Frank – Bill Clinton’s crime bill destroyed lives, and there’s no point denying it

Here is an actual headline that appeared in the New York Times this week: Prison Rate Was Rising Years Before 1994 Law. It is an unusual departure for a newspaper, since what is being reported here is not news but history – or, rather, a particular interpretation of history. The “1994 Law” to which the headline refers is the Violent Crime Control …

Thomas Frank – The Blue State Model

How the Democrats Created a “Liberalism of the Rich” When you press Democrats on their uninspiring deeds — their lousy free trade deals, for example, or their flaccid response to Wall Street misbehavior — when you press them on any of these things, they automatically reply that this is the best anyone could have done. After all, they had to …