Carlos Lozada – How Clinton and Obama tried to run the world — while trying to manage each other

There is something about the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that fascinates Washington journalists — and then stymies them. In 2009, we learned that NBC’s Chuck Todd was writing a book about Obama and Clinton, a “nuanced analytical narrative” of their political relationship, according to Todd’s agent. By the time “The Stranger”came out in 2014, though, it had devolved into a …


It’s All About Food – Miyoko Schinner – 03.29.16

Miyoko Schinner, Cheese, Cookbooks, Travel, New Sanctuary!

Miyoko has been delivering up her style of gourmet vegan cuisine to the public for decades through her many enterprises, including a restaurant, natural food company, cooking classes, lectures, and books. Her titles include the groundbreaking book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, and the most recent, The Homemade Vegan Pantry. Miyoko is the founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen, makers of artisanal vegan cheese available at key retailers and online at http://miyokoskitchen.com/. She is co-host of Vegan Mashup, a cooking show on the Create Channel and seen on PBS.

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Expat Files – 05.22.15

– If you live in Latin America long enough and as your Spanish skills improve, soon enough you’ll start to understand there’s a very odd subservient classist relationship between Latin Americans and their so called “mother-country” Spain. Do remember that it was the Spanish conquistadors that came over to rape, pillage, kill pagan priests and extract gold and silver at any cost. And do remember that, most of today’s present Latin Americans have a high percentage of the local indigenous blood (unlike the long term residents in the USA and Canada) …. which is why the majority of Latins are short and brown- not white and tall like their Spanish conquerors. In short, real Spaniards fro Europe believe their Latin cousins to be lower-class rabble who will never pull themselves from the muck they have created.


Expat Files – 05.15.15

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-Some Latins, especially upscale Latins, don’t like the term “3rd world”. They much prefer the more PC term “developing nation”. In fact, to call someone a “trecer mundista” (a 3rd worlder) south of the border can be a harsh insult to some of the more sensitive educated Latins- though its often mouthed by Latin bosses to employees who have made errors on the job or have done something the chief bottle washer considers stupid. Use the 3rd world thing at your own risk…


Expat Files – 04.24.15

-Would you like to get in on one of my free live “webinars? Check out www.Expatwisdom.com and sign up for one of my free one hour live “webinars”. They will take place about every two or three weeks for the foreseeable future so sign up now to listen in live. Now you can contribute your own thoughts, insights and questions …


Expat Files – 04.10.15

Today we hear from two different ER trauma doctors:  one who works in a busy, standing room only, free PUBLIC government crapola hospital (I won’t describe the smell)…. and another doctor who works the ER at a PRIVATE, 1st world style hospital where 18 of the twenty seats in that pristine ER waiting area are routinely empty!    -You’ll never …


Expat Files – 04.03.15

-With so many retired seniors and aging gringos looking to become expats, it’s not surprising the subject of Latin funerals, cemeteries and the disposition of fresh corpses (yours) should come up. Not something people like to talk about… but today we’ll do so out of necessity. Yes, south of the border there are many related options to consider… and some …

Latin America

Expat Files – 03.27.15

-Timely tips on dealing with (non-medical) Latin professionals like lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers, bookkeepers -There are many ways to find a very good first-world trained medical doctor or dentist in Latin America. And one of the easiest fastest and very best ways to go about it is to come down to an Expat wisdom seminar. I mention this because a …

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Expat Files – 03.22.15

An update on the Latin real estate bubble… it just keeps getting bigger. Every middle and upper-middle class Latin’s dream is to buy or build a new house in the “burbs”. Doesn’t that sound like a line from your grandparent’s book? By the way, living in the “burbs” is just one of the latest middle and upper-middle class Latin measures …


Expat Files – 03.08.15

-The strange relationship between dogs and coconuts   -Cockroach, “La Cucaracha” home invasions revisited. A new, expat gringa’s cautionary tale of her personal arthropodic woes   -Meanwhile one of our Expat Wisdom seminar alumni explains the new e-book he has written regarding his extensive “boots on the ground” experience and investigation of Spanish schools, Spanish tutors and Immersion families. Looks …