Dr. David Suzuki – The Planet’s Most Dangerous Predator Is Us

Humans are the world’s top predator. The way we fulfill this role is often mired in controversy, from factory farming to trophy hunting to predator control. The latter is the process governments use to kill carnivores like wolves, coyotes and cougars to stop them from hunting threatened species like caribou—even though human activity is the root cause of caribou’s decline. Predation is an important natural function. But …


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 10.21.15

Paul J. Caplan PhD and I begin with the latest news flash on what works for “schizophrenia.” Then we critically examine the concepts of “mental illness” and “treatment,” and ask ourselves “From youngsters having a breakdown to veterans returning from war, what do all people really need in order to heal?” A show that tells the truth about all of us.

MSM and Biotech Try to Re-Brand GMO’s Due to Negative Response – Christina Sarich

In the same way Big Food makers tried to rename sugar in their products so that consumers wouldn’t know that their favorite brands contained almost 75 percent empty calories, the mainstream media is trying to re-brand GMOs so that the public thinks the food creations are completely safe. That’s right. Just like Hilary Clinton advised biotech at a recent symposium, she thinks if …


Unmasking The GMO Humanitarian Narrative – Colin Todhunter

Genetically modified (GM) crops are going to feed the world. Not only that, supporters of GM technology say it will produce better yields than non-GM crops, increase farmers’ incomes, lead to less chemical inputs, be better suited to climatic changes, is safe for human consumption and will save the lives of millions. Sections of the pro-GMO lobby are modern-day evangelists …