Warrior Connection – 05.29.16

The May 29th edition of Warrior Connection was a discussion on treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with Dr Ashjok Tuteja of Salt Lake City VA and University of Nevada at Salt Lake using probiotics. Veterans in the Salt Lake region are invited to participate in these treatment trials. Please call Dr Tutehja at 801-865-9693 or 801-582-1565 ext. 4019 / 4188. PRN and Warrior Connection lead the nation in information and education to help our nation’s veterans survive and thrive.

Strong geothermal heating measured beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet – SPACE DAILY

A surprisingly high amount of geothermal heating has been measured underneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Using a lengthy probe, researchers measured the flow of heat in the sediments below the ice sheet. A significant flow of heat is traveling upward form the geothermal sources toward the base of the ice. …