Focus on the Facts – 05.23.16

The guest was Kevin Galalae, a Canadian human rights activist, author, and historian. Kevin is an expert on the covert depopulation agenda and the methods being used. He is currently on a Hunger Strike at the Vatican challenging Pope Francis to break the vow of silence regarding the Global Depopulation Policy and to come to the people’s defense by publicly condemning the covert methods of population control employed by the UN and governments around the world since 1945. Kevin reports that the nearly 7 decades of chemical and biological agents used on the general public to engineer a global population decline have succeeded in preventing the birth of 2 billion children and causing the premature death of at least 500 million people. Kevin explained the 3 phases of the global depopulation since 1945 and how the depopulation measures were set up and the reasoning behind them.


Focus on the Facts – 04.11.16

The guest today was Kevin Annett, the man behind the global movement to end child trafficking and child torture. He co-founded the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State and the International Common Law Court of Justice in Bussels. The Common Law Court has so far launched two cases against the Vatican, the Crown of England, Canada and its churches for crimes of Genocide, child sacrifice and trafficking and successfully convicted all of the defendants for crimes against humanity. In his two latest books, “Unrelenting” and “Murder by Decree,” Kevin traces the origin of genocide in Canada and globally and all roads lead to the Vatican.