Warrior Connection – 06.26.16

The June 26th edition of Warrior Connection was a discussion about the Vietnam Wall, coming home, surviving, and thriving. The moving “wall” was just at Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve – Mahomet, Illinois. We all, Ray and I and Denise lost our “brothers” and much more but we can thrive.

After I helped erect the wall I went to look for one of my aircrew brothers Robert Lynn and as I touched the wall the “little sister” of Thomas Bennett , who was also there to help erect the wall, spoke up to me. Tom and Bob flew together and got shot down one day apart. We both reached some closure.
Ray’s brothers who were kids are: William Bushey, Steven Rickerson, James Sickles and Donald Liebl. In the photo I just took with my image reflected back.
God’s work once more. “WALL MAGIC”