Lauren McCauley – NY Nuke Plant to be Shuttered, But Will Cuomo Turn to Dirty Gas Instead?

New York’s “dangerously decrepit” Indian Point nuclear power plant will officially shut down by April 2021, according to an agreement reached this week between the state and Entergy utility company. A source “with direct knowledge of the deal” told the New York Times that one reactor will “cease operations by April 2020, while the other must be closed by April …


BRETT HALL – No Vaccine, No School: NY updates immunization policy

CAMILLUS, N.Y. — An updated immunization policy for New York schools requires compliance in order for a child to be in the classroom. Tuesday was day one for students attending West Genesee schools. When getting on the bus today, a form that may have been in that backpack was an updated immunization form, detailing the shots the child has or …


Energy Stew – Terrence Mahon & Steve Gottlieb – 05.13.16

What is your opinion about intuitive healing? Who is best helped with intuitive healing? What use is it? I’ll be interviewing a number of guests who have had many varied experiences with it for themselves and others. After years of experiencing it, it really speaks for itself. I’ll be speaking with a number of people who have years of experience to see how intuitive healing has helped many people.

First, I’ll speak with Terrence Mahon, a world renowned elite running coach who has helped his runners win Olympic medals and break many American records. He’ll talk about how intuitive healing has helped him and his runners.

Next, I’ll be talking with Steve Gottlieb, an intuitive healer in Westchester County who has been helping people for many years.

Green Power and Wellness – 05.12.15

Yet another EXPLOSION AT INDIAN POINT has threatened the entire New York/New England region with a RADIOACTIVE APOCALYPSE. Another transformer has yet again blown up at Entergy’s rogue reactors on the Hudson River some 40 miles north of Manhattan. More than $8 TRILLION worth of damage could have followed along with more HUMAN DEATH AND INJURY than could ever be …

Unexplained Explosion Shakes Nuclear Power Plant North of New York City – Sarah Lazare

In what witnesses described as a huge explosion, a transformer at the Indian Point nuclear power plant just north of New York City caught on fire Saturday, billowing smoke and prompting the operator to shut down the impacted unit. Onlookers documented the explosion on Twitter: pic.twitter.com/pABGZZN50F — Gustavus Gricius (@GustavusHimself) May 9, 2015 At a wedding at #monteverde at old stone and just …