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Moving Forward – 07.17.17

Rob Seimetz and Bruce Wright our joined by Linh Dinh. Today we discuss America’s war on the poor and homeless, as well as, the End of America. Linh Dinh is the author of Postcards from the End of America and nine other books. His political essays are published regularly at Unz Review and other webzines.  His website is Download this episode (right …


Expanding Mind – Cocreating Spiritual Worlds – 05.18.17

Transpersonal psychologist Jorge Ferrer talks about participatory spirituality, the problems with perennialism, the transpersonal evidence of psychedelics, and his new book Participation and the Mystery: Transpersonal Essays in Psychology, Education, and Religion.  Download this episode (right click and save)


Alternative Visions – Eyewitness Report on the Elections in France + US GDP Report – 04.28.17

The show welcomes back guest, Alan Benjamin, an eyewitness to the recent elections in France last week, to discuss what’s going on in France. Will the right wing, Le Pen party, win in the runoff election coming up in a couple of weeks, or will the candidate backed by the French business and political elite, Macron, win?  What are progressives …


Dirk Kurbjuweit – America Has Abdicated Its Leadership of the West

Even history sometimes leans toward pathos. In January 2017, when Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the American Age will celebrate its 100th birthday — and its funeral. The West was constituted in its modern form in January 1917. World War I was raging in Europe at the time and in Washington, D.C., …



During the early phases of the post-Cold War “New World Order,” NGOs were touted as representing a new wave of international politics. Instead of allowing international issues to be settled in closed meetings, the people themselves, informed by intrepid citizen journalists, would from now on play the key role in setting the agenda. Like most of the promises made in …


Jon Kofas – Western Xenophobia, Islam And The Third World

Xenophobia has been on the rise in the last two decades in the Western World and it has influenced the political arena not just of conservative parties moving toward a more right wing course, but even centrist ones under pressure to “protect” the nation from perceived external threats. Is rising xenophobia a reflection of rising nationalism and conservatism in the …


American Religion Not as Exceptional As We Think

DURHAM, NC – For generations, the United States has been considered a religious outlier — its citizens more dedicated to their faith and houses of worship than the rest of the developed world. But new research from Duke University and University College London (UCL) suggests that American devotion to religion is waning, a decline mirrored across the Western world. The study …


Stephen Lendman – Islamic State Groups (ISIS) Preparing Terrorist Attacks inside Russia? Covertly Supported by US-Turkey

Washington wants Russia marginalized, weakened, destabilized, contained and isolated, transformed into another US vassal state. On Friday, RT International quoted Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee spokesman Andrey Przhezdomsky, saying: “Russian special services have intelligence that certain IS groups are preparing terrorist attacks in Russia and European nations.” “In particular, a battalion formed mainly from recruits from North Caucasus headed by Akhmed Chetayev, nicknamed …


Prof. John McMurtry – Global Crises 2016: Western Media, the Public Interest, Corrupting Youth, the Real Terrorism, Collective Consciousness

Philosopher John McMurtry was asked to “co-operate with Ayatollah Khamenei in the Supreme Leader’s letter to the Youth in Europe and North America”.  The questions posed by  a designated US enemy opened a new world standpoint on the US-led world disorder and the taboo depths of  shared crises as we enter 2016.  What in general do the Western media hide and …


Sophie McAdam – Bombshell: UK Accused Of Plotting Syria War Back In 2009

In this illuminating interview on French television program LCP, France’s former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas claims Britain planned to invade Syria long before protests against Assad began in the country, and that it would do this in order to defend Israel. In the interview, first televised in 2013, Dumas states that during a visit to England (“two years before the hostilities began …