Expat Files – 01.08.16

-A seasoned gringo Expat (with a Brazilian wife) living in Brazil tells us some horrifying personal stories of the general insecurity and rampant crime taking place in the country. It seems even the so-called nice, upscale residential and shopping areas are not exempt from frequent robberies, assaults, general crime and lawlessness. Beside the crime problem, there are many reasons why Brazil does not make my list of Expat destinations.

-Today we have more good reasons not to drive a late model car of distinction or SUV in Latin America. If you do, you’ll be a target.

-To Tint or not to Tint: the truth about those ubiquitous Latin American dark-tinted (extremely dark) car windows. Should you do it to your own car? What if no cars had tinting? Is it a good or bad thing?

-What’s Latin America like for supersized and very tall gringos and Expats? For example: is it easy (or hard) for a six foot five inch guy to get around in a mostly down-sized Latin America? Yes, some buildings really are architecturally unfriendly to tall people. In older buildings, even six-footer’s occasionally bump their noggins


Expat Files – 12.13.15

– Examples how a corrupt congress and O’vomit are making it harder and harder for us citizens to become Expats. Examples how the US State Department is also making it more and more difficult for Expats to get residency in a foreign country. Time is running out on the options, the doors are slowly closing so you must get your plan B in motion now.

-Do you need a work permit to get a grunt service job in Latin America? Technically and officially yes. Today we discuss the “real’ Latin work permit situation (for gringos) as well and some workplace tips if when working for the man (off the books of course).

-Expats in Latin America can live nicely on a measly SS check- but only when they’re off the gringo tourist trail. That system works fine for now. But what will happen to those same Expats when the US dollar is finally taken down (as it must be) on the international economic stage? What will happen to Expats in Latin America who depend on a govt check? What happens to their dollar purchasing power?