Anne Weir Schechinger and Craig Cox – Think US agriculture will end world hunger? Think again

The United Nations has forecast that world food production must double to feed 9 billion people by 2050. That assertion has become a relentless talking point in the growing debate over the environmental, health and social consequences of American agriculture. America’s farmers, we are told, must double their production of meat products and grains to “feed the world.” Otherwise, people …


Leid Stories – 02.08.16

For the Record: Reporting on Underreported Reports
The din of the presidential election seems to have drowned out several noteworthy reports. Leid Stories starts the week off discussing a few of them—including reports on U.S. employment and the income gap; hunger and food aid; human rights violations; a record number of exonerations due to false convictions; and new tactics cops and city governments are using to avoid paying judgments won against them.

food control

Who controls our food?

Sympathy with organic food production is at an all-time high. Perhaps ‘It’s a nice idea, when you can afford it’ sums up the approach of many people. But extending these principles of production to the whole food system? It just doesn’t seem practical. There are an awful lot of people to feed in the world and, if you’re hungry, you …