A Bowl of Soul – 04.21.17

A Bowl of Soul Broadcast – 04-21-2017 – Celebrating April Is Jazz Music Appreciation Month – Part II   Conquistadores (The Conquerors)- Chico Hamilton – Jazz – 1965 Money Jungle – Duke Ellington – Jazz – 1963 Agua de Beber – Astrud Gilberto – Bossa Nova Jazz – 1965 Mambo Diablo – Tito Puente & His Latin Jazz Enssemble – …


Leid Stories – 11.23.15

Auto Workers Approve New Four-Year Contract with the Big Three
Feeling the Bern? Rating Bernie Sanders’ ‘Political Revolution’
Late Friday, workers at Ford Motor Company voted to approve a new four-year contract, bringing to a close a tense round of negotiations between the Big Three (including General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and the United Auto Workers union, which represents more than 141,000 workers in the industry. Alex Wassel, a member of UAW’s Local 869, discusses key aspects of the new contract.

What’s this “democratic socialism” that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders keeps talking about? Leid Stories takes on Sanders’ own definition of the term.


Greg Guma – Is a Progressive -Libertarian Movement Possible in the USA?

When was the last time a politician came across like the lone voice of principle railing against the dangers of an imperial presidency? That’s what it looked in Spring 2011 when Ron Paul, the Texas libertarian running for the Republican presidential nomination, wrote candidly about the War Powers Resolution, the Patriot Act and mission creep after 9/11. The column was …