The 10 most common environmental toxins to avoid and why

If you’re suffering with chronic health conditions like fatigue, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease or cancer (to name a few), it’s probably due to a toxic overload within your body. Yet, most conventionally-trained doctors know little about safe detoxification programs. So don’t wait for Western medicine to change, educate yourself and make detoxification a top priority.

Eliminate the symptoms of disease with safe detoxification protocols. Poor mental concentration, memory issues and digestive problems are not ‘normal’ or healthy. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Ellen Jensen take a comprehensive look at how to safely detoxify the body and regain optimal health. This is a great show for healthcare providers.

Learning something of value is the first step toward optimal health

Most environmental toxins tend to build up in the body – creating a variety of health issues including metabolic disturbances, weight gain, food allergies to greater problems like, lung cancer and organ failure. Naturally, one of the best ways to regain your health is to avoid these toxins – to the best of your ability through air and water purification techniques and eating better quality food on a regular basis.

A short list of the worst offenders include: prescription drugs; volatile organic compounds (VOCs); perchlorate – found in lots of things like thyroid medications to rocket fuel; asbestos; molds; phthalates, pesticides, PCBs, radioactivity and heavy metals. The health risks associated with these substances are well-documented in the scientific literature, confirmed by most taxpayer funded health agencies and, unfortunately, ignored by too many people suffering with disease.

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