The Can O’ Tuna Argument – Synergistic Toxicity and Vaccine Safety

Certainly if you are on the frontlines of the vaccine debate you’ve heard the argument from pro vaxxers ‘hey well, y’know, a can of tuna has about the same amount of mercury in it that a vaccine does.’ Or about aluminum, ‘a muffin has as much aluminum as a vaccine containing aluminum’. It is a silly argument but it shows you the mindset of some of these people that don’t question and research the very vaccine inserts or information available to them before they are injected.

First of all, anyone with a basic knowledge of biology should know the difference between injection and ingestion, one goes to the bloodstream, the other to the GI Tract. Biologically they are much different, and that should end the argument right there with just simple biological logic. Let’s go a little deeper but also try and keep it simple.

Thimerosal is a vaccine preservative and well known neurotoxin which is 49.55% mercury by weight (56.73% “ethyl mercury” by weight).

When ingested , most of the mercury in tuna does not enter the body, but passes out in the stool. The mercury that does absorb is methylmercury. Absorbing through the gut, first through the liver. This is called “First pass”. The mercury going through the liver is conjugated by glutathione. Then that conjugated glutathione is passed out in bile and then stool. (Dr. Robert Murdoch)

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