The Gary Null Show – 05.01.15

What will our society look like as it is forced to migrate away from fossil fuels and confront more serious climate change and dwindling resources? With Richard Heinberg.

Plus, the many benefits of vinegar, prevention abilities of physical activity, and information from Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren.

Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the world’s experts in peak oil, its repercussions on the world economy, food and transportation, and the need to transition away from fossil fuels and create a more sustainable future. He is currently the Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute.  He was featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s film “The Eleventh Hour” and frequently appears on major media networks to address our fossil fuel based culture and the future of climate change.  Richard is the author of over ten books on oil depletion, energy economics, climate change and ecological issues.  His most recent is “Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels”.  His websites are RichardHeinberg.com  AND   PostCarbon.org

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