The Gary Null Show – 05.08.15


A deeper look at the Islamic State’s mission at nation-building and the creation of a postmodern Caliphate in the 21st century

Dr. Loretta Napoleoni is an expert on terrorist financing and money laundering and has advised governments and international organizations on counterterrorism.  She is current Chairwoman for the Club de Madrid which brought heads of state together to create strategies to combat terrorist financing.  She has a masters in philosophy and a doctorate in economics and was a Fulbright scholar at John’s Hopkins school of international studies.  Her articles and columns have appeared in many publications including El Pais, the Guardian and Le Monde, and has written many books dealing with the economics behind terrorism.  Her most recent book is “The Islamist Phoenix: The Islamic State and the Redrawing of the Middle East” which presents a picture of the Islamic State and its long term vision that is being ignored by mainstream US media.  Her website is LorettaNapoleoni.net

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