The Gary Null Show – 06.16.16

On “The Gary Null Show,” Gary discusses these topics plus had a great guest on to teach s and help us grow.

Walnuts may help prevent colon cancer

The cholesterol-reducing health benefits of walnuts and walnut oil

U-M scientists and colleagues investigate the fiber of our being

Nuts and probiotics yield heart benefits

Potential of tocotrienols in the prevention and therapy of alzheimer’s disea

Vitamin E from seeds kills cancer cells

Women’s long work hours linked to alarming increases in cancer, heart disease

 29-year-old diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease given a few years to live

 Gary takes a music break and plays this: The Temptations – Soul To Soul

Exposed: Pesticide industry deployed aggressive lobby effort to quash bee protections

Brazil has now refused all imports of U.S. grown genetically modified crops

Cannabis remedies for epilepsy were discovered and buried in the 1940s

Palm oil giant IOI has lost customers for destroying forests, but will it change?

Gary goes right to his guest and here is a brief bio of the Professor Danner

Prof. Mark Danner is a renowned journalist, writer and educator who has covered overseas wars and American foreign policy for over 30 years. He is currently the Chancellor’s Professor of Journalism and English at the University of California at Berkeley, and the James Clarke Chase Professor of Foreign Affairs at Bard College specializing in American militarism, the war on terror, torture and US foreign policy.  In the past, Mark has been on the staff of The New Yorker, Harpers and the New York Review of Books and has covered conflicts in Central America, Haiti, the Balkans, Iraq and the greater Middle East.  He has been featured by Bill Moyers, Charlie Rose and as appeared on numerous news and talk programs.  He has published six books related to American wars. Mark’s latest book is “Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War” – which explores how the nation has changed dramatically since 911 through legislation,  government intelligence and political actions related to the war on terror through the Bush and Obama regimes.   His website is

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