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The Gary Null Show – 06.17.16

On “The Gary Null Show” today Gary had a quick health and healing segment and then read a new original article as well as speak with Mr. Barry Lando. Click on the articles below to learn more.

Eating nuts slashes prostate cancer death risk by a third: A serving five times a week boosts patients’ chances of survival

Gary tells a story about working at Drexel University and how he did studies to make sure what people were eating was high-vibrational food

Gary takes a quick music break and plays this classic: Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go. Gary then reads an original article, 7 Reasons to Never Use Smart Meters he wrote with our scholar, Jeremy Stillman. Click on title to read yourself. Gary goes to a rare 2nd music break and plays: The Spinners – It’s a Shame

Gary goes to his guest, Barry Lando. Here is a brief bio on this interesting man:

Barry Lando is a Canadian award winning journalist who was the producer for CBS’ 60 minutes for 25 years, primarily producing the stories that Mike Wallace featured. He has won many awards including two Emmys, a George Polk Award and the Robert F Kennedy Award for journalism. He is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia universities. He has produced very important stories including being the first to interview Ayatollah Khomeni after the Iran hostage crisis and the 1990 riots on the Temple Mount. He has also written articles of The Atlantic, Chirstian Science Monitor, Le Monde in France, the International Herald Tribune and others. He is author of “Web of Deceit” about the history of Western complicity in the creation of the Iraq state, and his most recent book is the novel “The Watchman’s Files” – a thriller based on historical facts about US-Israeli intrigue. His website is

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