The Gary Null Show – 12.02.15

Minister Tony Muhammad is the Western Regional Representative of the Nation of Islam and a prominent figure behind the organizing of the Million Man marches. Recently has been spearheading efforts to counter California’s and federal efforts to remove vaccine exemptions and enforce mandatory vaccines on increasingly numbers of children and adults.   Since the mid-1990s, Minister Tony has strived to introduce programs dealing with urban social problems in Los Angeles African and minority communities, including peace efforts to ease turf wars by rivaling gangs and put an end to street violence.  He has been featured in the documentaries Crips and Bloods: Made in the USA, and The Nature of Existence which introduces the world’s philosophies and spiritual traditions. More recently Tony has been mobilizing the African American and minority communities to take a stance against repressive vaccine laws and to increase awareness about vaccine’s adverse effects to minority communities.  The website is JusticeOrElse.com


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