The Mark Riley Show – 03.25.15

RIP Danny Schechter, the News Dissector….dead at 72. A brilliant journalist who I was privileged to know.

Top Stories……

Why Congress is having trouble governing. Squabbling, why else? Whether it’s bi partisan or intra partisan, those DC lawmakers can’t seem to get their game correct. It’s got more drama than a reality TV show. Fund the military, or maybe not so much? Take another run at Obamacare, or not? And that’s just the feuding among Republicans.

Democrats aren’t exempt….Pelosi and Boehner cut a rare deal on Medicare and children’s healthcare, but Democrats don’t like possible restrictions on abortion. The impediment is none other than Sen. Harry Reid.

George Zimmerman blasts Obama for racial tension after shooting. What, and the shooting itself had nothing to do with it? George Zimmerman is now officially part of the Rudy Giuliani School of Irrelevance. He says the Justice Dept. was ordered by the president to pursue a baseless prosecution. Really?

Atlanta police shooting victim tried to live a life that mattered. This is, above all else, a picture of mental health failure as well as law enforcement failure.

As oil prices fall, airfares still stay high. Anyone who’s tried to book a reasonably priced trip involving air travel knows this already. Why haven’t they dropped airfares just a little to correspond to the drop in oil prices? Because they don’t have to, that’s why.

Lead Story…..

Despite woeful service, MTA fare hikes take effect to cover raises. For the first time since the 1940s, people have to wait for trains because the ones in front of their faces are full. And the MTA says this woeful service shows what a great job they’re doing! As Cindy Adams says, Only in New York, kids! The idea that straphangers have to pay more for service that doesn’t improve is a sucker’s bet. When will New Yorkers stop being suckers? Here’s an idea….stop paying for all city vehicles used by elected officials so they have to use public transit like everyone else. Same for NYC members of the State Senate and Assembly.

Ted Cruz becomes first major candidate to announce presidential bid. Ted Cruz, major? No matter, I’m one who prays he wins, even though I know he won’t. Oh yeah, and where’s the birth certificate, Ted? More on him to come.

Texas burglars swipe 15 assault rifles, 30 other guns from collectors. I have friends who are gun collectors, but think about this. Suppose some of the weapons stolen from this Texas guy are used in crimes? After all, they didn’t steal to collect ‘em.

Manhattan area codes multiply, but the original 212 is still coveted. Why oh why do people attach status to an area code? And where can I get my 212?

To the Ridiculous…..

Ted Cruz, who wants to abolish Obamacare, plans to register for Obamacare. He’s making it sound like he has to, but does he?

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