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The Mark Riley Show – 04.09.15

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South Carolina officer charged with murder in man’s death. This one’s on video for all to see. And in this case, the judicial system acted swiftly in arresting and charging the cop. So many questions….why shoot the man 8 times in the back? Why did system in North Charleston work so differently than on Staten Island and in Ferguson?

Israel lists changes it wants in final Iran nuclear deal. So, after all this time claiming no deal was better than this one, they want right of first refusal on changes? Wonder how Euro countries will react to this.

Boston Marathon bombing trial wraps up with clashing portraits of naiveté and extremism. Assuming the kid is convicted, the real question is whether he should get the death penalty or not. Should he???

Emanuel wins 2nd term as Chicago mayor in runoff. It wasn’t close, 56-44, but it does give progressive residents of the Windy City something to build on, maybe. In Ferguson, two blacks were elected to the City Council, bringing the number to three. Interestingly, candidates backed by protestors lost. What does this tell us?

Barneys says they did not violate civil rights of shopper who claims he was victim of racial profiling. They say just because they called the cops on the guy who bought a $300 belt doesn’t mean they did anything wrong? Something to keep in mind the next time you go shopping.

Lead Story….

WFP founder slams de Blasio, City Hall for lack of contracts for minority businesses.

Guest: (6:30) Bertha Lewis, Founder and President, the Black Institute, Founder, Working Families Party.

Fraternity to go after Rolling Stone for rape article. Just goes to show….be careful how you report a story. At the very least, it’s going to cost Roll Stone attorney fees.

Anemic report on California water conservation adds to crisis. We told you about this California drought last summer. Seems things aren’t getting any better.

Illicit Edward Snowden statue replaced by illicit Edward Snowden hologram. I always thought there should be a statue of Snowden somewhere. As much as he was vilified by some, he opened a window on government spying that can’t be closed.

Rand Paul taking an untested route to the Republican nomination. He’s going populist, and seeking to appeal to minority and young voters. Can he pull it off? Probably not.

To the Ridiculous

TSA pocketed $60K in forgotten change at LGA and JFK last year. How hard did they try to get the money back to those who forgot it? If $60k was reported, how much wasn’t?

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