The Mark Riley Show – 04.22.15

It’s Earth Day!!! How about shrinking your environmental footprint just a little, OK???

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 Top Stories…..
Federal inquiry in Baltimore man’s death after arrest. Six officers have been suspended in the death of Freddie Gray. His spinal cord was severed, and people in Baltimore have taken to the streets as they have in Ferguson, Staten Island, and several other places where apparent police violence have cost black men their lives. Baltimore’s elected moved fairly quickly to release information, and seem top be taking a “let the chips fall where they may” attitude. Now the feds are involved. Let’s see if charges result.
NJ trooper fatally shot suspect in Union as he drove toward officer, authorities say. Operative words: authorities say. There is at times a reflexive validation of police conduct in these types of cases. However, it seems that public outrage over police killings may be reaching critical mass. Or is this just me?
At Supreme Court, Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. routinely officer’s use of force. This may come as a surprise to some, given Holder’s public statements about policing, but numbers don’t lie. And BTW, don’t expect much different from Loretta Lynch.
….And lest anyone say we focus on police shootings to the exclusion of “black on black” crime…..
Paterson slaying suspect was once a promising athlete, too. Two standout athletes, one dead, one accused. One was 15, the victim, and the accused is 20. What a waste!
Supreme Court limits drug sniffing dog use in traffic stops. That’s limits, not eliminates. This one is about how long a person can be detained until a dog is produced. Still, a victory for civil liberties.
Lead Story…..
Senate deal on sex trafficking clears way for Lynch vote. How did the Senate get to this place, where culture issues stalled a vote on a nominee for Attorney general?
Guest: Chris Frates, reporter, CNN
Police union boss says flooding NYPD cadets with obvious info makes their job harder. This is the head of the Captain’s Endowment Assn., not the PBA. The obvious info? Don’t be a racist, don’t make sexist jokes, you know, stuff like that. The real question is whether or not it’s needed and the answer to that appears to be yes.
City eyes cabbies’  hours in bid to solve rush hour crunch. This has been a problem forever, so it’s nice to see them taking a look.  And they even included cabbies in their deliberations.
Police report capture of coyote following Norwood attack. That’s Norwood, NJ, folks. And they’ve got similar coyote problems in Manhattan as well. What’s going on here?
To the Ridiculous
No one liked my White History Month celebration, please send bigot bucks now. This story, courtesy of the Wonkette, reaffirms my faith in the good people of the Garden State. It just goes to show, grime doesn’t pay.