Garland Roberts Bronx

The Mark Riley Show – 04.29.15

Crowds scatter as Baltimore curfew takes hold. It’s time to take a look at what actually works in trying to curb police violence against unarmed citizens. Violence in the streets isn’t new, yet it hasn’t worked. Peaceful protest has been around for decades, While it worked during the civil rights era, it doesn’t seem to be working any better than violence now.

So what works?

Guest:  Les Payne, Pulitzer prize winning former Newsday editor

Top Stories

Loretta Lynch is sworn in as Attorney General. She’s got a big issue on her plate. That being federal probes of police killings. How will she handle it? Baltimore may be first on her plate.

Bernie Sanders to announce presidential bid. Now here’s somebody progressive ought to be able to get behind. Does he pose a threat to Hillary’s left flank? He sure does. Can he win? Only if the people asking the question come out and vote for him.

Justices appear deeply divided over right to gay marriage. Call me an optimist, but I think the court will rule in favor of gay marriage. Too much water has gone under the bridge. It will likely be 5-4.

Questioning of Garner protestors in New York renews concerns about police practices. Those concerns ought to have been ongoing. The NYPD is violating the law, pure and simple.

A squatter’s last stand at a condemned Bronx barn. Garland Roberts, the “squatter”, has been an activist for as long as I can remember. He seems to have a valid beef.

Cash strapped MTA threatens 15% fare hike. What, again? Why are they so cash strapped?

Nigerian army rescues 200 abducted girls, 93 women. About time the army did something! Nevertheless, this is good news, and hopefully it continues.

To the Ridiculous

Heroic Texas Ag Commissioner will save children from spending a few hours without fried foods. Local control folks, local control. If a school wants to give kids fried foods to children, that’s up to them.

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