mark riley

The Mark Riley Show – 07.29.15

Mark discusses these topics on the show today:

Woman found dead in holding cell in Westchester County. This could be something simply tragic, but after Sandra Bland, people have a right to be suspicious. And speaking of Sandra Bland….

Texas authorities release more jailhouse video relating to Sandra Bland case. They spinning as hard as they can, but the fact remains…she should never have been incarcerated, not even for a minute.

Police officer involved in deadly shooting of Samuel Dubose indicted for murder. Yet another case of law enforcement going crazy. Dubose was killed after a traffic stop. How many more???

Afghanistan says Mullah Omar, Taliban leader, died in 2013. What in the world took them so long to figure that out?

Under oath, Donald Trump shows his raw side. This is, I guess, what people like about him, isn’t it? What about the exaggerations of his wealth? And then there’s the lawyer who wanted to nurse her baby.

Fox allows all candidates. No matter polling, into lower tier debate. That’s one way of doing it, but why must there be a lower tier. How about drawing straws?

The real scandal of killing Cecil the Lion: The price. Aside from the Minnesota big game hunter, two Zimbabweans have also been charged. Why do people get such pleasure from killing animals?

Tom Brady “very disappointed” to see Deflategate suspension upheld. Why is NFL commissioner allowed to hear his appeal? What else did people expect? Court is next.

Federal funding needed fpr Gateway Hudson River tunnel: Port Authority. The feds won’t fully fund it, and the PA knows it. Therefore, commuters will continue to endure transit nightmares.

Hundreds of migrants blocked from tunnel into England for second night. Does anyone really understand why this is happening?

Federal prosecutors indict Rep. Chaka Fattah on corruption charges. Is this another case of a good lawmaker gone bad?

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