The Mark Riley Show – 08.12.15

Today on The Mark Riley Show, Mark discusses these topics:

Marissa Janae Johnson doesn’t give a f@*k if protest at Bernie Sanders rally drives people away. Short response: she should give a f@*k. Yes, intervention at rally helped spark a conversation about progressives, race, and police brutality, yet in my opinion, it was the wrong conversation.

New poll out of New Hampshire has Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton. Yes, its early, but this is significant. Now if he can just be more inclusive and diverse in terms of his outreach, he could be dangerous.

Arlington, Texas officer is fired in fatal shooting of Christian Taylor. Yes, you can disrupt a rally and spark a conversation, but you can’t stop the police killing of unarmed, mainly young black men. That takes more than conversations or interventions.

Video allegedly shows Tyrone Harris drawing gun before being shot by St. Louis County police. Questions abound in terms of this police shooting, and they start with whether the young man was actually intending to shoot anyone. As to the question of a gun, how come there were 4 “Oath Keepers” running around Ferguson carrying firearms, and none of them, got shot? To wit:

Armed white “Oath Keepers” descend on Ferguson, will definitely calm things down. Nuff said!

Cleveland woman found in jail cell tells prison officers “I don’t want to die in your cell” hours earlier in video. Seems Raikina Jones was prescribed some serious meds, and there are questions about whether authorities at the jail where she was did anything to see she got them. One thing we do know, because it’s on video. She told them.

Reporting on Iran, Jewish paper sees no plot to destroy Israel. The plot to destroy Israel has been the centerpiece of opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. There will be some who dismiss the Forward article as propaganda, but are people so sure?

Cuomo vs. de Blasio: Who wears the Big Boy pants? The Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in the Bronx is the latest situation to expose fissures in the relationship between the NYC Mayor and the NY Governor. This follows disputes over charter schools and Uber. They’ve apparently kissed and made up in the latest flap, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be future fights. The Mayor needs to get his messaging act together, before he jeopardizes his chances of being re-elected in two years.

After two killers fled, New York prisoners say, beatings were next. If these allegations are true, w ill anyone be held to account? Unfortunately, law enforcement and prosecutors don’t always take the word of convicted criminals all that seriously. And that needs to change.

Cops blame end of stop and frisk for fewest gun seizures in eight years. The end of stop and frisk has been blamed for a lot of things. This is just the latest.


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