The Mark Riley Show – 09.09.15

– Kim Davis is freed from jail in Kentucky gay marriage dispute. Whether this woman stayed in jail wasn’t the issue. Now that she’s out, she needs to stay out of the business of issuing marriages unless she’s prepared to follow the law.

– Oregon judge who refused to perform same sex marriages hung portrait of Hitler in courthouse and bullied veterans: documents. How do people like this get jobs, for God’s sake? Any of these three allegations, if true, should disqualify him.

– As New Mexico scandals grow, Democrats hope to tarnish governor. My experience says that the benefits of scandal to the opposition is limited, and means if the show ever winds up on the other foot, there will be no quarter given.

– Mayor de Blasio says homeless problem is decades old. Well, DUH! Maybe this was reaction to criticism from Giuliani, but why react?

– Baltimore approves $6.4 million dollar settlement with Freddie Gray’s family. It leads me to ask, what exactly is a human life worth?

– Hillary Clinton on e-mails: I’m sorry. What exactly is it that she’s alleged to have done wrong here? Co-mingling personal and State Dept. communications? Sorry, it’s not the worst thing in the world. And yet, people say it won’t go away.

– European official calls for continent to take in 160,000 migrants. What a mess this has turned out to be. Could it be karma?

– Cuomo pledges advice and assistance to Puerto Rico. Nice, but what is substantive?

– Grifters, nutcases, and GOP leaders hold pro war rally. What else would expect from the likes of these people. This is their flavor of the week.


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