The Unprecedented War On Our Children -By Paul A Philips

Sure, our children are the future. But what kind of future do they have when most of the populace is either in ignorance or acquiescence when it comes to the unprecedented war on our children through the corporatist agenda?

The ruling elite know that our children have to be dumbed down and controlled because they are the biggest threat to ending their mass-enslavement corporatist agenda: Our children are the key to our planetary awakening, but here is a list on how they are getting systematically destroyed.

The Big Pharma war our children

From governmental regulatory bodies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)… right up to the Presidential office the government have become nothing more than obedient lapdogs to Big Pharma’s profit machine, making this unholy alliance a major threat to the welfare of our children through the increasing use of brain and body degrading toxic mass medications with their side-effects.

The vaccination agenda

Typically the dumbing down begins with the vaccination agenda. A child would have received some 25 vaccinations by the age of 6 years old as in the case of the USA making it an out-and-out assault on a very young undeveloped immune system. To encourage this Doctors are paid bonuses for reaching target numbers in their surgeries…

In recognition, even mainstream media are now turning to real journalism, at least in the UK, reporting some of the many incidents of vaccine damage in children as in the case of Gardasil (human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine). Normally toxic vaccine damage goes unreported by the Big Pharma corrupted junk science mass media outlets while chanting the unfounded mantra; the lies that vaccinations are ‘safe and effective. ‘

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