The Vinyl Experience – Birds – 06.12.15

VE114 (encore)


–Today on the VE… this one is literally for the birds…the most articulate animal next to man, birds have filled the world with song long before man…so let’s give ’em their due…birds–in song..

Bobby Darin/Johnny Mercer: Bob White

Bobby Day: Rockin Robin

Buffalo Springfield: Bluebird

Paul McCartney: Bluebird

Beatles: Blackbird

Beatles: And Your Bird Can Sing

Oasis: Songbird

Anne Murray: Snowbird

It’s A Beautiful Day: Whitebird

Charlie & Inez Foxx: Mockingbird

Grant Lee Buffalo: Mockingbirds

Hoagy Carmichael: Baltimore Oriole

Police: Canary In A Coal Mine

Incubus: While All The Vultures Feed

Joe Cocker: Bird On the Wire

Charlie Parker Quintet: Ornithology

Dionne Warwick: Message To Michael

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