The “Zionisation of America” – Anthony Bellchambers

A total of $56.73 million has been paid over the last three decades, to ensure that the U.S. Congress is populated only by those who accept the agenda of the American Zionist Council.

This, according to the official record, was the amount paid by the American Zionist Council from 1978-2014 to ensure the selection of its approved congressional candidates in order that the House of Representatives and the Senate would support the Political Zionist agenda that includes the illegal colonisation of the Occupied West Bank.

This is to frustrate the will of the UN and the international community, including the European Union. The Netanyahu government objective being to create a ‘Greater Israel’ and the compulsory ‘transfer’ of all indigenous Arabs from out of the former land of Palestine. This goes directly against the provisions of the British Mandate government’s Balfour Declaration – upon which the state of Israel was established, in 1948, under pressure from the AZC (the forerunner of AIPAC) – which explicitly states:

 ’it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine ….”

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