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There’s a Reason the Big Banks Aren’t Mad with Hillary

The Banks are hopping mad at Elizabeth Warren.  So mad, they’re threatening to stop contributing money to the Democrats unless she stops being so … so … accurate in her criticisms.

Translated, this means they realize she can’t be bought.  Small wonder – Warren has been outspoken, plainspoken and passionate on where she stands on the economic issues of the day, which, to be specific, is on the side of the 99% who have been shut out of the recovery, and against those who have purchased government from the people, lock, stock and barrel.

Which brings us to Hillary.

With Hillary – well, what are her positions on the economic issues of the day?

Or any issues for that matter?  Every time she’s asked a question, she responds with meaningless mush couched in Orwellian new-speak.


Republicans may be running as hypocrites and dissemblers, but she is – and always has – striven to be a cipher, so she can be all things to all people.

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