Thyroid function threatened by bottled water containing lithium

Your total body weight is made up of nearly 60 percent water. Therefore, it’s important to hydrate yourself as water has many benefits for your body. In fact, pure water is an invaluable source for treating thyroid symptoms as it regulates body temperature, relieves dry skin, eliminates fatigue, boosts cognitive function, loosens hard stools, and aids in weight loss. Drinking pure water is also preferred over most city (tap) water containing fluoride and chlorine which block iodine receptors in the thyroid and cause malfunction.

Because municipal water contains hazardous chemicals, bottled water has become a choice for many people who are health conscious about their thyroids. There are many types of bottled water with the most popular being purified, spring, and mineral.

Yet, while opting for bottled water over tap water may seem to be the viable choice for many, they may not realize that they also contain chemicals that are just as dangerous (if not more) as fluoride and chlorine. Recently, the Environmental Health Perspectives journal reported high concentrations of lithium in drinking water that wreaks havoc on the body – especially the thyroid.

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