Tim Schwab – I was barred from a Nobel laureate press conference by a PR consultant with Monsanto ties

* Food & Water Watch researcher Tim Schwab exposes the empty rhetoric and unexplained discrepancies in the Nobel laureate attack on GMO activists

Last week, as I read a Washington Post article titled “107 Nobel laureates sign letter blasting Greenpeace over GMOs,” I took note that the story fits in perfectly with the Post editorial board’s recently issued position on GMOs, which argues that “scaremongering” activists are getting in the way of scientific progress on GMOs.

I also noted that the Post, in driving its point home, avoids a lot of inconvenient questions.

Most obviously, how exactly did the 107 Nobel laureates — almost none of whom work in agriculture or have any expertise on GMOs — get involved in an attack on Greenpeace’s position on genetically engineered “golden rice?” Of all the pressing scientific issues, and all the ways to issue a statement, why pick this issue — and why pick a fight?

Industry Attacks on Activists

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