Tom Carter – Whistle-Blower Chelsea Manning: “I Became Very, Very Sad” During Torture

A 2015 interview with Amnesty International, published Tuesday in theGuardian, sheds light on the conditions faced by US Army whistleblower, political prisoner, and torture victim Chelsea Manning, who attempted suicide on July 5 and now faces a vindictive campaign of retaliation by the military.

Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Manning), formerly a US Army specialist stationed in Iraq, is a whistleblower responsible for revealing numerous war crimes and international conspiracies. She was the source for major exposés by WikiLeaks journalists that included CableGate, the Guantanamo Bay files leak, the Iraq War Logs, and the Afghan War Diary. Her disclosures also included the infamous “Collateral Murder” video showing the killing of journalists and civilians by a US helicopter crew, as well as evidence of a war crime at Granai, Afghanistan on May 4, 2009, in which an airstrike killed between 86 and 147 civilians.

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