Tony Cartalucci – Turkey is the Source, Not Solution to ISIS and the Syrian Crisis

A torrent of familiar propaganda has flooded the airwaves as the imminent collapse of Washington and its regional allies’ proxy terrorist forces in Syria approaches. Predicated on “humanitarian concerns,” global audiences are reminded of the torrent of lies, fabrications, and deceit that preceded NATO’s military intervention in Libya – a military intervention that has since left the North African nation utterly destroyed, perpetually divided, and large swaths of its territory under the control of Al Qaeda and the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).

Virtually all headlines across the West now feature dramatic images of refugees, and children in particular, used for propaganda purposes to suggest the urgent need for Western military intervention. CNN’s article, “Aleppo siege marks dramatic upheaval on Syrian battlefield,” leads with the sentence:

The images from Aleppo, Idlib and Syria’s border with Turkey can be described in one word: despair.

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