Too many millennials are facing buyers’ remorse over one of the most expensive purchases they’ll ever make

Millennial graduates express buyer’s remorse regarding their education.

College tuition is one of the biggest purchases millennial graduates have made — and now many of them are regretting it.

In fact, 57% of millennial graduates regret taking out as many loans as they did, and 36% even said they would not have gone to college if they knew how much it was going to cost them, according to a survey by Citizens Bank.

But what’s the alternative to an expensive education with suffocating loans?

Brendan Coughlin, president of consumer lending at Citizens Bank, encourages borrowers to get educated and informed on their loans rather than consider skipping higher education entirely.

“Do your homework and make sure you understand what it is you are signing up for when you take out loans for school,”Coughlin told Business Insider in an email.

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