The Torch – 02.12.17

My name is Paul DeRienzo and this is The Torch, a weekly program dedicated to investigating the stories that lay outside the mainstream and shining a bright light on the darkest crevices of the national security state. We are also dedicated to idea that if you can’t dance no one will want your revolution. Therefore we will be looking into the cultural aspects of social change and dedicate ourselves to the proposition of having fun.

We are living in dangerous times where the alternative facts are being used by our political leaders to enforce a corporate domination over our life. The torch will attempt to find the underlying currents that define our times and pull on the threads that unravel the actual facts. This program will rigorously search for the provable, verifiable truth as it exists. We will not be afraid of following the truth to where it leads. The truth is a friend of the people and following the truth, no matter where it leads, is necessary to live our lives as citizens of the world. A world that is getting smaller everyday. We have no room for walls but wish to build bridges. This program will strive to find the connections that link out 7 and a half billion people and we will fight mercilessly against ideologies that would divide and set people against each other. I welcome listeners to participate by tweeting @LetThemTalk2.

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