Trump will deport 3 million Mexican “criminals” but only 173,000 exist: WTF?

Trump said a lot of things that will never happen. Here are my favorite lies: 1. I can be trusted because I cannot be bought; I am self-funded: Fact: 99% of his general race was funded by wealthy donors, such as Adleson, who got a reversal on Trump’s “neutrality” towards Israel/Palestine for a mere $25 million. 2. I opposed the War on Iraq before the invasion. Fact: he is on record on the Howard Stern show saying he supported the war…..and only turned against it later when it turned sour. 3. There are 35 million illegal aliens; I will deport every last one! Fact: There are about 11 million (there are about 35 million legal immigrants) , down from 2008. of these, 173,000 are in in prison, mostly for non-violent offense such as lack of papers or drug possession. Using his own figures (35 million), this is .004% , compared to .91% for US citizens, of over 99% more US citizens in prison/jail. Using the actual figure of 11 million, the “illegals” have a .015% in prison….or about 97% lower incarceration/crime rates than US Citizens (source: US Bureau of Prisons).

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