Ukraine: Putin Slams the Door in NATO’s Face – Michael Payne

What’s been going on in Ukraine represents a monumental turning point in the balance of world geopolitical/military power. Why? Well, it’s simply this: Ukraine will very likely go down in history as the country where America, the supposed sole superpower in the world, was checkmated and met its match at the hands of the other superpower in the world – Russia.

How did this situation escalate to this dangerous degree? In the decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, aka, the USSR, the U.S. and its NATO allies took advantage of Russia’s weakened condition and recruited one Eastern European nation after another into NATO to join in its relentless drive toward Russia’s borders with the specific intention of encircling that country and pinning it into a corner.

In fact that plan worked very successfully over many years as NATO continued to advance toward Russia, that is, until it arrived at the borders of Ukraine in 2014. Actually the U.S. and NATO did cross those borders, did enter in the internal affairs of Ukraine, and organized a clever political coup that upended and changed the leadership of its government in Kiev.

All was going well for NATO and it was poised to continue to dictate that government’s military strategies in its war against the Eastern rebels closely aligned with Russia; that is, until Vladimir Putin had had enough of what he considered a blatant encroachment and slammed the door right in the face of NATO and the U.S.

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