UN Security Council Slammed for ‘Endorsing Siege and Mass Starvation’ of Yemenis – Sarah Lazare

The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday passed a resolution, drafted largely by the gulf countries leading the war on Yemen, imposing an arms embargo on Houthis but not the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition pummeling and blockading the impoverished country.

Analysts warn that the measure amounts to an endorsement of the siege on Yemen, which is cutting off vital supplies of food and medical aid and unleashing a profound humanitarian crisis.

Independent journalist and former Yemen resident Iona Craig raised the alarm on Twitter:

In effect, UNSC has endorsed the siege and resulting mass starvation of 26 million people. Everything else in their resolution is immaterial

— Iona Craigأيونا كريج (@ionacraig) April 14, 2015

Sanaa-based reporter Adam Baron echoed this concern.

Real risk that UNSC resolution 2216 will be seen as endorsing naval blockade that is currently choking #yemen’s economy.

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) April 14, 2015

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