Vaccine safety and contamination dangers at manufacturing plants

As if parents didn’t already have enough to worry about when faced with pro-vaccine pressure from healthcare professionals, government agencies and fellow parents, additional vaccine dangers continue to be discovered. Pharmaceutical companies are guilty of taking safety shortcuts and allowing dangerous contaminants to make their way into vaccines.

For example, in 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cited pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi for multiple contamination incidences, while parents continue to be assured of ‘vaccine safety.’

How can we allow 58 citations to be ignored?

While big pharma has done a good job of sweeping such incidences under the rug, the paper trail remains. In 2012, FDA investigators sent a warning letter to Sanofi that included an astounding 58 citations regarding its plant in Canada.

Many of the citations identified failures related to poor manufacturing environment conditions, inadequate disinfection procedures and questionable test results. The warning came following an investigation that began in 2010.

The letter from FDA officials also included a couple of dozen citations related to flooding that had caused contamination of the company’s manufacturing facilities – resulting in loss of profits for the company. However, in reports to investors, the pharmaceutical company’s leadership claimed the flooding and contamination that followed had been resolved, and are not part of the FDA’s warning. Meanwhile, the company saw profits continue to plummet as it became unable to sustain expected production levels.

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