Vaccine witch hunt accelerates as city council members told they cannot have opinions on vaccines unless the opinions match official propaganda

A member of the Spokane, Washington, City Council says he was threatened with removal from a health panel if he espoused anything other than the consensus view that vaccines for children should be mandatory.

In an interview with local CBS affiliate KREM, Councilman Mike Fagan says other council members called on him to resign from the Board of Health following comments he made about vaccines.

His vaccine crime was stating that he did not believe that the “science of vaccinations is not settled yet” regarding vaccines, according to a separate report by Health Impact News.

Since making his statements, Fagan has clarified them somewhat, but other council members, whose behavior borders on the maniacal, say he needs to clear up the issue altogether — meaning, he needs to parrot what they believe — or they will remove him from the board.

“Not acceptable”

The fracas comes amid a current outbreak of measles, which has infected both unvaccinated and vaccinated Americans, causing debate about just how effective the vaccines really are.

“I do not get vaccinations, but I’m not going to impose my opinion or my will on anyone else,” Fagan said in an interview with KREM.

Fagan posted his views on his Facebook page, but fellow council members have called that unacceptable.

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