Vaccines – The Complete Guide

For more than a hundred years, two basic assumptions have been put forth by public health officials.

  1.  vaccines are safe.
  2. vaccines are effective for the conditions for which they’re given.

The public and our legislators have, by and large, accepted these assumptions as true, and as a result it is now compulsory in many states that children have as many as 33 separate inoculations before entering school. Some of these are given as early as the first few weeks of life. We’ve been told that the end of polio, for example, as a serious health threat is due to mass inoculation programs, and again we have accepted the official dogma without question.

Doctor vaccinating young pregnant woman

Doctor vaccinating young pregnant woman

But as we shall see, this is not exactly the truth. What’s more, a disturbing reality that generally has gone unrecognized is the ever-growing number of people suffering adverse reactions to vaccinations. These individuals are predominantly infants and children, and the problems they’ve incurred as a result of vaccination go far beyond sore arms and transitory fever: Conditions such as autism, attention deficit disorder, minimal brain dysfunction, and other biochemical and neurological abnormalities have been linked to the effects of vaccines. Most tragically, so has SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome. Because of under reporting of these troubling statistical links, however, a full picture of the effects of vaccination has not emerged. The problem of under reporting is a deep-seated one. Yet the official line is that a small minority must accept negative consequences for the greater good of the majority. This investigation is an attempt to uncover the truth. In three parts, we will, discuss facts that challenge our assumptions about vaccine safety and effectiveness, look at the effects associated with specific vaccines, and summarize some of the legal, political and economic issues surrounding the use of vaccines. The series has required a review of thousands of articles. We are presenting information based upon hard science; hundreds of references are included here for those who want to read further. For people challenging mandatory vaccination policies, the reference section will be particularly helpful. Why We Should Question Our Assumptions We think of vaccinations as panaceas and look to science to develop new ones for every known affliction, from the common cold to AIDS. Jamie Murphy, author of What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization, 1 attributes society’s general acceptance of vaccinations, in large part, to state laws that dictate children must receive vaccines before they can attend school. However, we must take a close look at our assumptions and ask, are we seeing the full picture? The reasons we should challenge our beliefs include the following: Safety issues. Significant adverse effects have been reported with every type of vaccine. These reactions can occur soon after vaccination (short-term reactions) or several months to years later (long-term). Delayed reactions arc more insidious and less obviously linked to vaccination, and thus necessitate large-scale epidemiological studies to be proven. One would think that before injecting children worldwide with hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines, enough clinical trials would be performed to determine exactly what the effects of this large-scale human genetic experiment would be. Lack of funding is not the problem. Each year, more than $1 billion is appropriated by Congress to federal health agencies to develop, purchase, and promote the mass use of vaccines in the US but not to fund independent researchers to investigate vaccine related health problems. In the meantime, as an example of the volume of adverse reactions reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), there were 38,787 such events between 1991 and 1994. Of these, 45% occurred on the day of vaccination, 20% on the following day, and 93% within two weeks of vaccination. Deaths were most prevalent in children 1 to 3 months old and were defined as sudden infant deaths. 2 Since, as has been amply documented, only one-tenth of vaccine induced reactions are reported to the VAERS, this number vastly underestimates the real incidence of vaccine-associated complications. Furthermore, no link has been established when the adverse event occurs long after the time of vaccination. Another area of concern is that many doctors refuse to vaccinate themselves and their families, 3· 4 even though physicians belong to a high-risk category and are urged to accept vaccinations because of their continued, exposure to infectious disease. A 1981 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that the lowest vaccination rate among medical personnel for the German measles vaccine occurred among obstetrician/ gynecologists and the next lowest rate occurred among pediatricians. 5· 6 The authors conclude, “The fear of unforeseen vaccination reactions was the main reason for the low uptake rate of physicians to be vaccinated.” In the British Medical Journal, a 1990 article tells us that of 598 doctors questioned about hepatitis B vaccine, 86% believe that all general practitioners should be vaccinated against this disease. Yet 309 of those practitioners had not been vaccinated themselves.7 Vaccinations Are Based on Unsound Principles. According to Jamie Murphy, ”Vaccines are portrayed as being indispensable and somehow better at disease protection than what our innate biological defenses and nutritional resources have accomplished for thousands of years ….. Before the introduction of the measles and mumps vaccines, children got measles and they got mumps, and in the great majority of cases those diseases were benign.”8 Walene James, author of Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, 9 explains that the full inflammatory response is necessary to create real immunity. 10 James quotes Dr. Richard Moskowitz, past president of the National Institute of Homeopathy, as stating, “Vaccines trick the body so that it will no longer initiate a generalized inflammatory response. They thereby accomplish what the entire immune system seems to have evolved to prevent. They place the virus directly into the blood and give it access to the major immune organs and tissues without any obvious way of getting rid of it. These attenuated viruses and virus elements persist in the blood for a long time, perhaps permanently. This, in turn, implies a systematic weakening of the ability to mount an effective response, not only to childhood diseases but to other acute infections as well.”

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