The Vinyl Experience – 11.24.17

VE 149


Steely Dan: Black Friday

Jonathan Richman: Rockin’ Shopping Center

The Clash: Lost In The Supermarket

Janis Joplin: Mercedes Benz

Dire Straits: Money For Nothing

Rolling Stones: Money

King Crimson: Easy Money

Taj Mahal: Bourgeois Blues

X: The New World

Lambert Hendricks & Ross: Home Cookin’

The Kinks: Autumn Almanac

Madness: Our House

The Band: Rocking Chair

The Byrds: He Was A Friend Of Mine

Greg Brown: Brand New 64 Dodge


Today on the VE….after the stuffing, the shopping…the post-Thanksgiving special, cause home is where the heartburn is.  I’m PC and this is the VE


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