Warrior Connection – 08.28.16

The  August 28th edition of Warrior Connection was a discussion about the health effects and effects on learning of pesticide and other toxic compound exposures with Dr / Professor Ann Lopez.


Known and suspected  previous and current pesticides hazards and haz mat issues are affecting tens of thousands of military and civilians and dependents across our nation and wherever US military operations were conducted and are still being conducted.  The Former Chanute AFB in Rantoul, Illinois is a prime example of continuing exposures. (civilianexposure.org) that are ignored.  Just like military personnel farmworkers who are exposed without adequate protection along with proper hygiene when they come in from the fields and  wash their body and clothes spreading  pesticide residues all over creation.  Household use of pesticides is also a significant problem.  We also have possible cross contamination  exposure issues for residents eating pesticide laden food products.  The known and suspected exposures and synergistic combinations can and probably do have a significant effect of student learning and behavior as the medical literature and first hand experience indicate.  Genetic transfer through generations is also a significant problem.  we also have extensive use of pesticides applied to adults and children and pets without any concern for immediate and long term health effects.


Professor:Lopez’s book ‘THE FARMWOERKER’S JOURNEY”  details many of these ignored problems.

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