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Warrior Connection – Back to Vietnam – 04.19.15

Authors R. Bruce Logan and Elaine Head, who live part-time in Vietnam, joined  Warrior Connection co-hosts, Doug Rokke and Patricia Axelrod  for a discussion of  Bruce and Elaine’s experience in Vietnam and their book entitled ‘Back to Vietnam -Tours of the Heart’.  (Lt. Col., Us Army , Retired) Bruce Logan is a Vietnam Veteran who served two tours tours of duty in Vietnam during the height of  the  Vietnam War.  His wife and collaborator, Elaine Head, is a writer.  The couple volunteer a substantial  portion of their time and efforts  to the Vietnamese people working to better the lives of  Vietnam’s Agent Orange victims, their orphans, and the impoverished of the country.  They also work with Tours of Peace (TOP) which escorts Vietnam veterans and their families back to Vietnam to visit battlefield sites important to each veterans  wartime tour of duty.  During our discussion regarding  Tours of Peace Bruce and Elaine emphasized the humanitarian work TOP performs as complimentary to the veterans’  tour ‘in country’ with the intent and hope of healing the  trauma of war  via the promise of forgiveness and mercy.  TOP tours figure prominently in the couple’s book, ‘Back to Vietnam -Tour of the Heart’ which has been awarded a Bronze Medal by the Military Writers Society of America.
The book ‘Back to Vietnam – Tours of the Heart’ and its authors can be found on-line at  Tours of Peace can be located at

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