synthetic marijuana

Watch Out: Thousands are Overdosing with ‘Fake Marijuana’ – Robert Harrington

According to recent reports, poison control centers are seeing a huge spike in cases involving use of synthetic marijuana, which has sent nearly thousands to seek medical care.

“The American Association of Poison Control Centers says more than 1,900 calls related to synthetic pot have been made since the start of the year. That is four times more than there were at this point last year.” –Reported by CBS News.

There have been many cautionary tales regarding synthetic recreational drugs over the past few years. Synthetic marijuana, however, seems to be the one that many users are caught off guard by. So many buyers of the synthetic marijuana will only hear “marijuana” and ignore the “synthetic” to their own detriment.

Perhaps the following excerpt from the same article will sober up many about the extreme dangers associated with the synthetic version of marijuana.

“Synthetic marijuana goes by many names: ‘Spice,’ ‘K2,’ ‘head trip,’ ‘fake weed.’ It’s a plant material coated with THC, the active chemical compound in marijuana. But unlike pure marijuana, the man-made version is much more potent and can be deadly.”

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