What is your real story? – Energy Stew interview with Kim Schneiderman – 07.10.15

Is your ego too involved in your story to really see it?  How many choices in life does your story give you?

Maybe you need some fresh eyes to really see who you are and appreciate even more about yourself.Kim
Schneiderman‘s new book, “Step Out of Your Story“, is an opportunity to see yourself in the third person.
She offers guided writing exercises to look at who you are and what your story is about.  They key is to refer to yourself as a he or she so you can be less passionate and have a better observer’s eye.
In reading her book, I was very inspired to start writing and see what I would say about myself.  She really helps guide the subject matter so you don’t have to be at a loss for words.
Tune into this intriguing interview and maybe it will help bring your story into more focus.

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