What Women Must Know – Natural Solutions for Rejuvenating Your Skin with Emily Fritchey – 09.29.16

Emily Fritchey is the founder, developer and driving force behind Sunshine Botanicals. A clinical aesthetician with for more than 30 years, she began developing her own unique and highly effective botanical formulations for her own clientele that quickly came to fill a void in the skin care and medi-spa industry.

Emily is both a visionary and a maverick….she quickly recognized  how powerful clinical skin care developed entirely from a botanical perspective could be – wound healing improved, problem skin cleared, skin discolorations lightened and inflammation was reduced, all without chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Signs of aging were being reversed and solutions were clearly available for the millions of aging baby boomers searching for healthy and effective skin treatment alternatives…Along with her husband, Dr. Phil, who is a traditional herbalist and her original formulator, Emily. Fritchey has developed  associations with some of the world’s leading botanical chemists and research scientists that have led to the development of  some of the most unique and effective  botanical skin care formulations available in the marketplace today.

A self proclaimed “ingredient freak”,  Emily’s passion for skin care developed as a direct result of her own difficult skin issues as a teenager that traditional medicine could not remedy.  Determined to understand “why” these conditions existed, she began a path of study and research that ultimately led to the development of Sunshine Botanicals.

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