WILLS ROBINSON – Former DNC chairman says Democrats must find Hillary’s successor NOW in case pneumonia forces her out of the presidential race

Democratic National Committee bylaws would come into play

The DNC’s guidelines state that, if Clinton was to drop out, it would have to be completely her choice.

If she confirmed she was stepping aside, senior party officials would hold an emergency meeting.

A vote would then be organized among members, with the new name on the ticket having to be elected by a simple majority.

But it is not clear when or how that would take place.

It is likely the Democrats would do improvise slightly in order to choose another candidate.

There would be no special preference given to any candidates who have already been involved in the process.

The Democratic National Committee Bylaws read: ‘The foregoing notwithstanding, a special meeting to fill a vacancy on the National ticket shall be held on the call of the Chairperson, who shall set the date for such meeting.’

Then there would be a vote among members to fill the position on the national ticket. The winner would require a simple majority.

However, all of the members who vote would have to be present when they handed over their ballot slips

If one of  the Republican candidates died, their party would reconvene the convention.

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